How to Create and Complete Your Bucketlist


The Meaning Behind Bucket Lists

Have you ever heard the euphemism "kick the bucket"? To put it quite simply, it's when you expire, perish, pass on. 

The term was made popular from the movie called “The Bucket List” where two terminally ill guys (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson) meet in a hospital and then set out on an adventure to try and do everything on their lists.

One of our Nomads Joanna Franco from Shut Up and recently had a brush with death in Brazil. Her biggest takeaway from the experience was this:

Live every day as if it is your last, and tell the people in your life how much you care about them while you can. Don't worry about the things that don't matter– looks, likes, comments– because at the end of the day what will matter is how you chose to live your life.

Mortality is something we all must face, and we are here to support and empower each other as a community to live a life we love. Live Your Legend (LYL) Community Founder Scott Dinsmore believed in this vision more than anyone. LYL was an original digital nomad community that inspired many other subcommunities like Under 30 Changemakers.

In 2015, Scott sadly passed away similar to how he lived his life– on another epic adventure with the people he loved by his side. He had seemed larger than life and a shock ran through the Nomad communities. We all had that old wisdom nailed into us that no one is exempt from our final chapter in life.

So how do we make the most of the time we have on this Earth? A bucket list can help us prioritize what we want to complete in this one wild and precious life. How do we want to feel and how do we want to make others around us feel when they are with us? We are all on limited time, so how do we create moments in our life worth remembering, and maybe even being remembered for?


Find Out What Matters– And Only To You


When I made my first bucket list in 2009, I immediately hopped online to see what others wanted to do, made the list, and then forgot about it. Now looking back, I have accidentally done many of the things on that list that did not make as much of an impact as I thought it would. What has stuck out the most in my mind were the serendipitous moments with people I grew to care about. Now that I have traveled consistently for the past 4 years, I know that what matters to me is very simple– the people I connect with along the way.

My bucket list should look very different from yours. This year my list includes-

1. Lead a multi-country trip with 6 Nomad members. You can join our first Impact Tour is this July 6-16 by train from London to Paris to Amsterdam.

2. Hike and camp for a week in the Pacific Northwest with friends. I want to be in charge of planning and prepping meals.

3. Lead a conference with over 50 international delegates. This September I am hosting Changemaker Summit in NYC.

My life revolves around the people I care about because of the energy, insight, and positivity I feel around them. What matters the most to you?


Find Your Edge and Push It As Far As You Can

"Anything I've ever done that was worthwhile initially scared me to death."
–Betty Bender

In Facilitation Training, you learn about a practice called edgework: an expansion of your comfort zone by using voluntary risk-taking activities. Your comfort zone is shaped by your life experience, but it can be broadened through conscious efforts to do what scares and excites you.

Think of this as Bucket List 1.0. Choose adventures that are exciting and scary, but local and easily doable. As you expand your comfort zone, redo your list! Add new adventures that push your boundary a little more each time. This leads to an internal and outward life expansion as well to what becomes possible for you.


Find Those Who Will Hold You Accountable And Those Who Will Come Along With You

Don't blab to your about all the amazing things you plan on doing, go actually do it! And if possible, invite them to join you.

Accountabilibuddies, as many like to call them, are assets to making sure you get what you want to get done. There is a mutual agreement to check in with each other to see if goals are being met by chosen deadlines.

If you go with friends, then also set a deadline to buy the ticket, checking in with everyone who wishes to go. I always assume 30-40% of the group will back out, so don't be too discouraged if your friends can't make it.

If you don't have people who can hold you accountable, then there are online options. One of our Nomads Jay Boolkin created an incredible platform to help you truly commit to prioritizing your bucket list goals to completion. Promise or Pay makes you publicly promise to reach your goal or you will pay money to charity. What if you donated the amount of your airfare if you chose not to spend it? Your friends would also know if you failed your goal.


Next Up: How To Plan and Coordinate Lifechanging Group Trips

Next Monday, we will be sharing all the project management tricks used to plan an incredible trip for friends, family, and loved ones. While we can't make you all get along, we can help you create an experience you all can remember for a long time to come. Be sure to subscribe for updates so you don't miss out.


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