Our Itinerary

July 6-16, 2017 | 10 Days | 3 Countries

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London // July 6 - 9

+ Day One: Arrive in Great Britain

Everyone arrives in the afternoon to unpack and unwind. Throughout the day we will play games to get to know our new tourmates. By early evening, we host orientation with light refreshments and British snacks for the nearly 2 weeks ahead.

Included: Refreshments, Accommodations

+ Day Two: Tour Day and Free Time

We wake for an early breakfast to catch the train over to Elvis & Kresse’s office less than an hour outside London.

After our tour we sightsee the city of London! We will be taking a red double decker bus over to The British Museum, home to The Rosetta Stone. Joining us for the tour will be social entrepreneurs from all over London for a friendly afternoon hangout. From here, everyone is given free time to explore and we'll meet back up for lunch.

After lunch, you are free to explore the city to your heart's content!

Included: Lunch, Accommodations

+ Day Three: Impact Community + Pub Meetup

We will wake for morning breakfast and then everyone is freed for the remainder of the morning to explore London.

In the late afternoon/early evening, we meet up with all of our partners from our stay at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese for pub grub and networking into the night. You will get a sheet beforehand of bios from each attendee, so come prepared with questions and your best attitude!

Included: Lunch, Networking Event (Alcohol Not Included), Accommodations

Paris // July 10 - 13

+ Day Four: London to Paris

Leaving London, we cross the English Channel and head for the French capital, known the world over as a city of romance and style. Arriving in Paris in the afternoon, we’ll take a driving tour of the city led by your tour leader. Look out for famous sights like L’Opéra Garnier, Tuileries Gardens, Place de la Concorde, Hotel de Ville, the River Seine, Ile de la Cite and the Louvre Museum. You'll also get a glimpse of that most famous avenue, the Champs Elysees, overlooked by the famous Arc de Triomphe. Tomorrow is a tour day, so take note of all the interesting places you’d like to see!

After settling in to our accommodations, you are free to explore Paris in the evening. We recommend going to bed at a decent time for an early morning.

Included: Breakfast, EuroStar Train Ride, Accommodations

Included: Breakfast, Thalys Train Ride, Accommodations

+ Day Five: Media Drives Change

This is a big day! Parisian breakfast in the morning, then heading off to SparkNews to learn about the future of media and its potential for positive change.

After the tour, get ready to see an incredible city with

Included: Breakfast, Thalys Train Ride, Accommodations

+ Day Six: Community Tour + Picnic in Paris

After breakfast, you are free to explore the city! Go sightsee and be awed by Paris.

In the afternoon, we will meet up for a Parisian Picnic under the Eiffel Tower in Champ de Mars. There will be French cheese and bread. All partners and local Changemakers are invited to dine and network over local social impact topics.

Included: Breakfast, Afternoon Picnic, Accommodations

+ Day Seven: Paris to Amsterdam

We will have our morning open for packing before heading to the Gare du Norde Train Station at eleven AM. We'll take the Thayls, a high-speed train that is only three hours long from Paris to Amsterdam. Feel free to catch up on sleep, play games with our group, or check in with work since there is free WiFi.

From there we will head to our accommodatios in Amsterdam to settle in. You are free to head out at night to explore on your own.

Included: Breakfast, Thalys Train Ride, Accommodations

Amsterdam // July 14 - 16

+ Day Eight: Sightseeing by Bicycle

Everyone receives a bike rental in the early morning to sightsee the canals and colorful architecture of Amsterdam.

By the afternoon, we all have tickets to visit The Van Gogh Museum. After the tour everyone has free time to explore the city on their own or with friends by bike.

Included: Breakfast, Accommodations, Bike Rental, Museum

+ Day Nine: Rescuing Food Waste and Final Meetup

We all share a rescued lunch at InStock in Amsterdam and then tour the kitchen, talk to employees, and ask questions to the social impact leaders. We will learn about food waste and how you can divert waate.

Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Accommodations

+ Day Ten: Goodbye for Now!

Bon Voyage! We share breakfast and goodbyes, then head off to the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Included: Breakfast, Transport to Airport

Tour The Social Impact Capitals of The World

London > Paris > Amsterdam

Take the Eurorail train through some of the most innovative cities of the world. We will tour social enterprises and meet leaders who can share their stories and answer questions about what it takes to build a successful, impactful business. 

When we are not touring, we will delve deep into three cultural hubs, discovering the landmarks and local lifestyles that make each city so unique. Throw back a few pints in a local pub after wandering the Louvre. Seek out the Mona Lisa before savoring a crêpe where the “Lost Generation” once sat to write. Pass rows of tulips and vibrant houseboats on your way to a Dutch cafe.  



Your Tour Includes:

+ 10 Nights of Accommodation

Handpicked hotels, houses, barges, apartments, and/or houseboats. Wherever life takes us, we want it to be in comfort and style.

+ 15 Meals- All Breakfasts, Some Lunches and Snacks

We will keep the fridge stocked with healthy, local foods for breakfasts and snacks. Dinners are free to grab after the touring day is over to unwind. We will cover 4 lunches.

+ 5 Guided Tours of Social Enterprises

See how social enterprises work up close and personal. You'll have the opportunity to tour the grounds, talk team members, and ask questions to learn about how the business all works.

+ Multi-Country Transportation

Travel by high-speed Eurostar train London-Paris with porterage; by high-speed Thalys train Paris-Amsterdam. P.S. There is free WiFi.

+ On The Ground Tour Transportation

We will take a mix of local transportation and shuttles (we wouldn't want to miss the famous red double deckers or underground trains!) to reach our social enterprise communities and headquarters.

+ 6 Social Impact Networking Events

One memorable meetup experience and an organized group lunch in every city inviting our friends from the social enterprises we tour. Don't we all get our best connections over food?


Tour Highlights:

+ Learn from Europe's Social Innovation Scene

This is an experiential learning experience to know how social enterprises succeed and what ecosystems allow them to thrive. Ask questions, see demonstrations, hear stories of purpose realized.

+ Meet Changemakers and Nomads in Every City

Build new and old relationships with friends and partners over shared food. We will picnic in Paris under the Eiffel Tower, Brit out in London's most historic public house, and share a rescued meal to prevent food waste in Amsterdam.

+ Visit 3 World-Renowned Cultural and Historical Sites

In between touring social enterprises, we will break for one tourist attraction in each city determined by the group. Have you always wanted to ride the London Eye or visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam? Let's make your dreams come true!

+ Ride Europe's Highspeed Trains

Ride beneath the English Channel on the Eurostar and high-speed Thalys Train through Brussels to Amsterdam. Explore the historical British, Parisian, and Dutch streets in between tours.


Your Tour Guides


Think you love travel? These experts eat, sleep, live and breathe this big bad globe of ours, and count Europe as their own backyard. Let us handle the hassle of reservations and bookings, grocery shopping, and look after you every step of the way. And really, that’s just scratching the surface. We're here with you every step of the way, start to end, 24/7.


Tara Byrne

It's 2013 on an All-American Roadtrip...

I was traveling from southern North Carolina to hippie San Francisco and back again trying to understand how social businesses across the country worked. Not only did I learn how social business worked, but that one road-trip offered me the chance to meet mentors, best friends, clients, and misfits who make up much of the Under 30 communities. I will never forget how much that trip challenged me mentally, emotionally, spiritually to grow up and reach further than I ever had before. 

Since 2013, I fell in love with creating experiences for young people that invoke personal change while learning about how to better the world around them. I would love to bring you along on this journey.


Brent Bovenzi

I feel like I rarely see my roommate...

and it's not simply a love to travel but because I grow the most when I travel. Starting in 6th grade I organized everywhere my family would go. And it only grew from there. Alternative break trips to Haiti, hiking through the American Southwest, and solo trekking across Europe. History made sense after seeing the Colosseum. Geography made sense after seeing the Grand Canyon. The border crises made sense when in Budapest or Big Bend. The challenges of social businesses made sense when meeting the people on the ground or seeing the ruins of well-intentioned projects.

I hope I can help y'all grow and learn this summer!


Social Enterprises and Communities on Tour


Elvis & Kresse upcycles firehose rubber and  leather into luxury handmade goods.

Thought For Food is a movement dedicated to tackling the global challenge of feeding 9+ billion people.

SparkNews uses the power of solution-focused media to trigger action.


World Merit is an online platform to help youth collaboratively tackle Sustainable Development Goals.


Instock Restaurant transforms food surpluses that would otherwise be trashed into fresh, healthy meals.



We'll be adding new touring partners here on an ongoing basis.

Check back here for updates!


Our Community Guides

Changemakers who will give you the best local experience in food, culture, and must-see spots in their city.

Frequently Asked Questions


Tour Reservations

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How do I sign up for a tour and how much is the deposit?

Tour bookings can be made online at ricksteves.com or in-person at our Seattle, WA office. A $285 USD deposit for each traveler is required to confirm a reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?

The $285 tour deposit is non-refundable, but all other payments are fully refundable for 30 days from the date it is received (or until your final payment due date, whichever comes first). If refunds are requested 12 weeks before the tour start date, they are partially refundable to two-thirds the amount paid.

Are prices per person?

Yes, per-person, in US dollars. The spot on the tour will be guaranteed the moment we receive your deposit.

What is the cost breakdown of registration?

$210 - local transportation / $130 - Multi-Country Trains / $75- Lunches / $80- Breakfasts / $50- Emergencies / $695- Accommodations / $800– 2 Tour Guides / $500– Under 30 Nomads Operations

= $2635

Since we are not a tour organization and only run trips once or twice a year, our operational costs are a bit higher and will hopefully come down over time as we run more trips.

Are flights included in the tour price?

No, our tour prices don't include airfare. Your flight arrangements are completely up to you.

Are there any age restrictions for tour members?

For now we are restricting our age to 18 and up, but in the future we hope our Nomad Trips can accommodate teens 14-18.

What types of rooms are available?

Shared Rooms for Solo Travelers: We assign solo travelers of the same gender to shared rooms with two twin beds at no additional charge. If the tour has multiple solo travelers, we'll rotate roommates at each of the hotels.

Private Single Rooms: Private rooms are rotated throughout the trip and are first-come, first-served.

Couples: Couples are usually given rooms with one double bed, but two twin beds are also possible. Queen and king size beds don't really exist in our hotels. Twin Room: This room has two twin-size beds (best for friends and siblings rooming together). Some of these twins can be cozy — separate mattresses and bedding placed side-by-side within one bed frame.

What if I never want it to end?

There is a possibility to extend your tour is available for those who want to work, explore, and learn more using Amsterdam as a homebase. Amsterdam has so many more social enterprises to visit that we could not possibly fit into a few days, so for $2K you can extend your trip for a month living in an AirBnB with 3-4 other Changemakers and Nomads.

Before You Go

When should I fly to Europe and back?

Check your confirmation and specific tour itinerary for your tour dates and exact start time of the "Day 1" tour meeting. If traveling from the United States, you must depart at least one day in advance of your tour start date. We recommend that you book flights several months before your departure date — much earlier if you want to use frequent flyer miles.

What travel documents are required?

Everyone who joins a tour is required to bring a valid passport and provide passport information to the Tour Department before departure. Your passport expiration date must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned return date. You're responsible for obtaining all required travel documents prior to your tour. If you're not a US citizen you'll need to contact your government to determine specific passport and visa requirements for traveling in Europe.

How do I apply for or renew a US passport?

To download a passport application, go to the US Department of State website. The standard processing time is about a 3-6 weeks. A first-time passport purchase must be done in person at a designated passport facility.

Will I need a visa?

It depends on which country you are coming from. Check to see if you need a UK, France, or Netherlands visa. Chances are you don't need one.

Will I need any immunizations?

No shots are required for travel in Europe. You should, however, check with your doctor to see if you're up-to-date with regular immunizations.

How do I get to the start of the tour?

About a month before your tour departs, we'll send you an email with easy-to-follow directions from any major airport or train station to your tour's first hotel. Once at the hotel, a sign in the lobby will describe where the group will meet on Day 1.

What should I pack?

Packing light is essential! Bring versatile, comfortable clothing that you can layer. Pack for the season in which you'll be travelling, but expect some rain regardless of the time of year. In your Welcome Packet you receive after you send your first payment, there will be a specialized packing list.

While On Tour

What are your hotels like?

We will be staying at either European-run hotels or AirBnBs. The accommodations are decided on by what our group wants. Want to stay in houseboat in Amsterdam's canal or Paris's River Seine? Or perhaps a trendy loft apartment in London or Paris? It's up to you!

What will the meals be like on my tour?

While on tour you'll eat like a local. Cuisine is typical of the region and can vary widely from country to country. Local beer and wine are at your own expense.

Can I get special meals for my dietary restrictions?

We are more than happy to accommodate vegetarians. Beyond this, we cannot take responsibility for tour members with special dietary needs or allergies. Tour members with dietary restrictions usually manage fine with a little flexibility and willingness to supplement meals as needed at their own expense.

How will I do laundry on my tour?

You will accessibility to a laundry machine once or twice during the tour and your guide will give you tips on when and where you can do laundry.

Will I need to know the language of the countries I'm visiting?

While it's not necessary to be fluent, it's nice to master a few basic courtesies such as "Please" and "Thank you." You can start learning Dutch and French on Duolingo for free before you arrive.

Is smoking allowed on tour?

No, you're not allowed to smoke or vape on the bus, in the hotel, or where other tour members are present. Non-smokers, be aware that we can’t isolate you from Europeans who smoke in public areas or hotels.

How much money will I need?

On fully guided tours, plan to spend between $30-$60 per day for meals on your own, snacks, souvenirs, and free-time transportation and entrance fees.

Apply To Tour With Us

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Once we receive your deposit of $285, a tour guide will set up a Skype call with you to discover more about what your goals and vision of this trip are before moving forward.


Is the full tour cost too much all at once? We offer payment plans!

We offer 3 and 6 month long payment plans for those unable to pay the full upfront amount of $2300. We are flexible and will work on what plan is best suited for you. 


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