To us, travel is about discovering your

Unknown Unknowns.

New tastes and smells in magical places you never knew existed.


Big Hellos to strangers and sad goodbyes to new friends.


What good is travel if you don’t have someone to share these moments with?


Someone who can parrot back, “Hey, do you remember that time when…?"


Wild, crazy moments. The kind of moments you wonder were even real.


Friends to share the best and worst parts with, and every second in between.


Steam escaping your pot over fire, everyone passing around warmth hungry and tired.

Wrestling with the fear and the doubt each night– 

it's too hard, too cold, too far to climb.

Turn back now, forget your dream existed.


And then the eruption of joy and relief as you summit the mountain as a team.


When curiosity and wonder serve as your compass to explore the world.

When you are just in awe as your unknowns become known,

and this is all forever etched into your memory.


When home is no longer a place...


Home is a feeling.


It is the moment you are around people you care about uncovering the truth of the world, anywhere in the world.